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Welcome to our new website
Welcome to our new website

After several years with the same design, the Franklin County Schools on Friday, Oct. 13 launched a newly designed site that we hope will streamline and make it easier to find the information our visitors need. The new site is a work-in-progress, meaning we will add content to it as needed. Initially, users may not find the specific information they seek, so we welcome your comments and requests for content as we move forward.

Like the website just retired, the new site features links to each school’s website. Those who are looking for information about a specific school or teacher, can begin with the main menu by simply clicking on “Schools” then choosing the desired school from the dropdown menu.

The first thing most visitors will notice about the new district and school websites is a large, dominant image or slideshow atop each page. This is intended to highlight some of the activities happening in our schools.

Perhaps more importantly, however, is the main navigation menu that is directly above that dominant image. It contains six text links: District, Schools, Parents, Students, Staff and Quick Links. Placing one's cursor over any of these links will produce a dropdown menu that lists the information available under each category. Some of the items are repeated to make them easy to find. For example, the Board-approved District Calendar for 2017-18 is the first item under every heading except "Schools." That's because the master calendar is important to every category of visitor - those who seek general information about the district as well as parents, students and staff. This same navigation menu is also available on each school's site, so the main navigation will be consistent throughout each visit, regardless of the page being viewed.

Below the dominant image on the district home page are three rows that will be of interest to most "regular" visitors: "News," where we'll highlight news and information of interest to the general public; "Upcoming Events," where we'll post just that - events that are approaching; and a third row that includes an "In the Spotlight" section and a summary of our recent social media posts.

The last row of the home page is of interest primarily to new visitors, new residents, or to those who simply want an overview of our school district. This section includes a brief "About Us" section as well as an introductory video with Supt. Mark Kopp.

The school home pages are slightly different than the district home page. While they contain the same main navigation menu and a dominant photo or slideshow, they also feature school-specific navigation menus in the left-hand column. This menu will change from school to school, depending on that school's grade level, priorities and specific programs offered.

The center column contains a “News” section specific to that school, and other announcements or information the school seeks to communicate.
The right-hand column contains information about the school itself - how to contact the school, its address, a map to its location, as well as a statement from its principal, its mission and/or vision statements, a calendar of events and more.

We invite you to tour the site, click on the links and see what you find. We also welcome your feedback.