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Collins Lane Construction Update
A reminder to our school community and neighbors that the upper section of Cougar Lane will be closed beginning this Friday, Dec. 15, as crews begin work on a new sanitary sewer line. The upper and lower drop off areas will be in use until Wednesday, Dec. 20, which is the last day of classes before the Holiday break.

Here's a description from our last post on this matter:

"The upper part of Cougar Lane will be closed on or about Dec. 15 as installation of a new sanitary sewer line and four manholes begins. This work may require the use of a hoe ram to break-up and remove rock, so some additional noise should be expected. Parent pick-ups and drop-offs of students during this closure of Cougar Lane will be relocated to the lower gymnasium area, and school buses will continue to use the main entrance.

The last day of school will be Dec. 20. On Dec. 21, the sanitary sewer work will move into the main parking lot, which will be closed during the holiday break."