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Collins Lane Academic Team wins Governor's Cup District 77

The Collins Lane Elementary School Academic Team, Governor’s Cup District 77 Champions!
Left to right:
Front Row- Rory Shields, Lydia Simpson, Holland Riddell, Ridhi Penmecha, Sruthi Paluri
Second Row- Jake Dicken, Ben Schrader, Carson Wallace, Mahmood Ateyeh, Nicholas True, Austin Sterling
Back Row- Grace Edwards, Holly Dickert, Ellen Stevens, Kari Hyatt

Quick Recall- 2nd Place

Individual Results:
  • Jake Dicken-1st Place
  • Mahmood Ateyeh-2nd Place
  • Nicholas True-2nd Place
  • Mahmood Ateyeh-4th Place
Arts and Humanities
  • Holland Riddell- Tied for 1st Place
  • Lydia Simpson-4th Place
Written Composition
  • Carson Wallace- 3rd Place